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Alternatives to Finance the Healthcare

Alternatives to Finance the Healthcare

Alternatives to Finance the Healthcare


H.E. Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Saidi, Minister of Health has issued a decision to establish a team to develop a proposal that shows the best financial options and alternatives to support and cover the provision of the health care services and also the means and ways to increase the financial resources of Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health has adopted an investment approach rather than the traditional approach for health financing. In this regard, it has established a new directorate within the organizational structure of the Ministry for health investment and financial alternatives that deals with setting policies and future strategies and seeks better sustainable options and alternatives to finance the health care as well as advocating and attracting more investment in priority health projects and fostering public-private partnership and collaboration with the concerned governmental bodies. In addition, the new directorate will conduct relevant studies that concern the “Waqf for Health (health endowment)” and how to develop it further, establish the general directives for financial policies that will improve the efficiency, ensure value for money and improve the returns and outcomes.

It is worth mentioning that this milestone came as a result of the Health Vision 2050 which stated clearly the need to establish a body that deals with attracting more durable and innovative investments for health that can sustain the universal coverage with quality health care.

Through these endeavors, the Ministry of Health is looking forward for the best sustainable approaches to invest more in health, better withstand the global financial alternations and reduce the burden on the government budget. This may lead in the future to self-financing of the health projects.

The Ministry of Health is encouraging the private sector to invest more in health projects through partnership with the public sector. This will lead to increase the spending in health as well as tackling collectively the future health challenges.