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Health Ministry Holds Press Conference

Health Ministry Holds Press Conference

Health Ministry Holds Press Conference


The Ministry of Health (MOH) represented by the Department of Education and Health Awareness Programs and in collaboration with the National Oncology Center held today (Sunday) a press conference to announce the launching of the “1st Gulf Cancer Awareness Week”.

The press conference was held at the Ministry’s headquarters and in the presence of H.E. Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Saidi, Minister of Health.

The Sultanate is participating the GCC State in the celebration of the Gulf Cancer Awareness Week, planned to be held in the first week of February every year. The celebration of Cancer Week comes according to the recommendations of the Executive Board of Health Ministers’ Council for GCC States. 

This Gulf Cancer Week aims at raising the health awareness on risk factors leading to cancer, encouraging follow healthy diet and physical activity among all groups of society and raising the health awareness about early cancer detection and chances of recovery.

40/40 is the logo for the year 2016 based on a scientific concept. It refers that 40% of cancer diseases can be prevented by following healthy lifestyle, adopting sound nutritional habits, adhering physical activity regularly and maintaining an ideal weight. Whereas, 40 types of cancer can be cured, if Allah wills, in case of early diagnosis and providing the appropriate treatment in time.