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Blood Transfusion Sciences Workshop

Blood Transfusion Sciences Workshop

Blood Transfusion Sciences Workshop


The Ministry of Health (MOH) represented by the Department of Blood Services organized  a National Workshop on Blood Transfusion Sciences at the National Genetic Center. The workshop was conducted with the attendance of Dr. Kadhim Ja’far Suliman, Director General of the Specialized Medical Care, and Dr. Ahmed Al Abri, Dean of the Institute of Health Sciences.

More than 60 participants from doctors and Laboratories Technicians who are specialized in the field of transfusion medicine from the different Governorates of the Sultanate attended the workshop.

The main objective of this workshop focuses on Safety in transfusion medicine. It supplies the Technicians with scientific and practical materials that enable them to explore challenges aroused upon blood transfusion procedures performed in the hospitals, putting an emphasis on the requirements needed in blood bank environment to ensure the safety of both the donor and the recipient.

The two-day workshop covers various domains related to blood donation and transfusion. The scientific lectures highlighted the different blood groups and the laboratory Principles, Tests on blood donations, Basics of blood groups and antibodies, and quality standards in blood banks.