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Warfarin Therapy Guideline Launched

Warfarin Therapy Guideline Launched

Warfarin Therapy Guideline Launched


The Ministry of Health represented by the Royal Hospital (RH) launched recently the Warfarin Therapy Guideline at the National Centre for Genetic Health with the presence of Dr. Kadhim Jaffer, Director General of the Specialized Medical care and number of MOH’s officials.

Due to it wide-use in the different medical specialties and since there was an evidence to its misuse, a taskforce was formed to design a Warfarin Therapy Guideline that would rationalize the use of the medicine among medical caregivers as well as patients. Once warfarin therapy is standardized across the country, it will contribute in improving the safety of patients who receive the therapy, and improving patients’ quality of care in general.

The event also presented findings of clinical audit on adherence to Warfarin Therapy Guideline based on AL Nahda hospital’s experience.    

The launching was further followed by conducting a workshop that highlighted the use of the Guideline and the pharmacology and pharmaceutical care of Warfarin.