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MOH Contact Center Organizes “Hajj & Health”

MOH Contact Center Organizes “Hajj & Health”

MOH Contact Center Organizes “Hajj & Health”


The Contact Center of the Ministry of Health (MOH) organized recently an awareness event titled “Hajj & Health” for the pilgrims in the Knowledge Oasis Muscat.

The event contained several aspects including “be ready” that aims to raise the pilgrims’ awareness on the importance of their fitness, their proper nutrition, as well as carrying their required drugs especially for those who have chronic diseases.

The other aspect is “safety of pilgrim”. It shows how to deal with the emergency cases like fainting, nosebleed, hypoglycemia and low pressure and other possible cases in Hajj season.

It also has contained another aspect on “how to prevent infectious diseases”. It clarifies some of the possible diseases that may emerge during Hajj season especially respiratory diseases and gastroenteritis. This aspect also explains the need to take the necessary vaccinations for instance meningitis and seasonal flu vaccinations.

At the end of the event, free health kit was distributed to the pilgrims donated by Muscat Pharmacy.