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Patients’ Rights & Duties Highlighted

Patients’ Rights & Duties Highlighted

Patients’ Rights & Duties Highlighted


The Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by the Directorate-General of Quality Assurance Center launched today Monday two Documents on rejection of assault on health workers at the Healthcare Institutions and Patients’ Rights & Duties at the lectures hall of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.

The launching ceremony was held under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Abdullah bin Nasser al-Harrasi, Chairman of the Public Authority for Radio & Television (PART) in the presence of H.E. Dr. Mohammed bin Saif al-Hosni, MOH Undersecretary for Health Affairs, H.E Dr. Sultan bin Ya’rub al-Busaidi, MOH Advisor for Health Affairs along with number of members of Shura Council, WHO experts and MOH senior officials.

The Patients’ Rights & Duties Document includes number of items; access to the health services, safety & security, communication, participate in the treatment plan, privacy, respect & appreciation and suggestions & comment. 

Within the same context, Dr. al-Harrasi also launched the Document of rejection of assault on health workers at the Healthcare Institutions. The MOH is committed to maintaining its employees to not exposure to any harm which effects on their productivity, so they can perform their duties in a safe and free of violence environment. Therefore, the Ministry developed a clear policy to reduce violence during work time.   

On the launching ceremony, Dr. Ahmed bin Salim al-Mandhari, Director General of Quality Assurance Center said that: “The health sector in the Sultanate provides the health services for all patients without any discrimination in all public and private health institutions. All health workers are committed to providing the medical and health services with a high level of quality, as well as committed to medical profession ethics”. He also pointed out that, in believe that the good healthcare is based on the partnership between patients and health sector, the health sector is expected from all patients and their families to assume their duties that supposed to abide it.