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MOH Statement on Cholera

MOH Statement on Cholera

MOH Statement on Cholera


An official source from the Ministry of Health (MOH) stated that no cholera cases has been recorded in the Sultanate. The MOH is fully ready, prepared and respond for any imported cases of cholera. The readiness degree of all health institutions has been increased by upgrading the vigilance and alert of the medical staff to diagnose such cases, as well as raising the readiness of diagnostic laboratories, communication and education plans.

A team from the Directorate General of Diseases Surveillance & Control visited the Governorate of Dhofar to review the readiness of the health services at the Governorate including the entry ports (land, sea and air) to deal with cholera disease.   

This visit comes due to cholera outbreaks in a number of governorates of the Republic of Yemen. A report issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) for Eastern Mediterranean Region on 30/10/2016 revealed that number of suspected cases by cholera in Yemen exceeded 1400 cases. In addition, that number of deaths associated with watery diarrhea reached 45 deaths. On the sidelines of the visit, a meeting attended by the Director General of Health Services at Dhofar Governorate and Director General of Diseases Surveillance & Control along with number of MOH concerned staff was held.  

The meeting addressed the cholera disease, the possibility to enter the Sultanate and the ways of dealing with it, as well as emphasizing the importance to apply the national policies followed in this regard including referring and treating cases.   

The Ministry sent circular to the health institutions in order to raise the vigilance and suspicion degree of cases that matching definition of the disease, laboratory tests and treatment. The Ministry also contact directly with the WHO and follow-up developments and endemicity of the disease in the Republic of Yemen.

It should be noted that, cholera disease is one of the intestinal disease caused by ingestion of food or water contaminated with the bacterium Vibrio cholera. The infected cases appears often as a result of worsening the health conditions, the environmental sanitation, sanitation facilities and lack of safe drinking water. The WHO revealed that 172000 cases infected of cholera globally in 2015 including 1300 deaths. 

The Ministry of Health calls upon all citizens and residents to adhere the public and personal hygiene and follow the personal protection means including hand hygiene. The Ministry is always keen the transparency and communication with the community through the various media mass and social media. It also hopes to search the required information from the trusted sources and not deceived by rumors.