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GCC Public Health and IT Sectors Meet

GCC Public Health and IT Sectors Meet

GCC Public Health and IT Sectors Meet


The meeting of GCC Health Council from sectors of the Public Health and Information Technology of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States started today  Wednesday at the City Seasons hotel to learn about the Omani Experience in the field of e-services as well as the Communicable Diseases electronic notification.

The two-day official visit of the delegation to the Sultanate came within the collaboration and coordination between the Health Council of the GCC States and the Ministry of Health (MOH) represented by the Directorate General of Information Technology (DGIT) and the Directorate General of Diseases Control & Surveillance (DGDCS). It came as well upon the recommendations of the 85th Meeting of the GCC Epidemiological Surveillance Programme’s Executive Board. It aims at identifying all details and potentials regarding Al Shifa Program that is applied in the Sultanate’s Health institutions and the e- Epidemiological Surveillance Notification program in order to study the possibility of implementing a similar experience on the GCC States level. 

The first day of the visit agenda introduced the health services in Oman, different level of the health system, as well as Electronic health system in the Sultanate. The program further familiarized the delegation with e-Notification and Surveillance through Medical Data Store. It also briefed them on the Laboratories Management Systems (LIMS) and the (Dashboard); Statistical Interactive Board incorporated in the Nabidh Al Shifa Program.

Moreover, a field visit will be conducted in the second day to the Royal Hospital (RH) aiming at closely observing Al Shifa program and steps of the e-notification. The delegation will additionally identify mechanism used in recording the ‎Morbidity and classifying them via the International Coding System ICD-10.

It should be noted that this meeting is one of the GCC Health Committee meetings that are conducted regularly under the supervision of the GCC States’ Health Council.