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National Survey of Nutrition

National Survey of Nutrition

National Survey of Nutrition


An official source from the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that the Nutrition Department in collaboration with the Studies & Researches Center is currently conducting the national survey of nutrition in all over the Governorates of the Sultanate.

A trained team started visiting some of selected homes totaling 375 homes from each governorate.

The survey aims at studying the food habits in the community. In addition to figuring out the reasons of some diseases related to nutrition like anemia and vitamins deficiencies in some micronutrients such as vitamins A & D.

The survey targets children under five-year and women in reproductive age (15 – 49). The health team (which consists of health inspector, nurses, health educators and dietitians and having an official identity cards from the Ministry of Health) is visiting the homes and fill in the three questionnaires; family questionnaire, woman questionnaire and children under five-year questionnaire. The team also taking measurements of weight, length, body mass as well as blood samples for the target group. 

The source appealed the selected families to cooperate with the team and Fill in the questionnaires, as well as allow them to take the required measurements and blood samples.

For further information, please contact the Studies & Researches Center at: 24697551, MOH Contact Center at: 24441999 or by the MOH social media at: