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Implanon NXT Training Workshop

Implanon NXT Training Workshop

Implanon NXT Training Workshop



The Ministry of Health (MOH) represented by the Women & Child Health department at the Directorate General of Primary Health Care (DGPHC) in coordination with the Directorate General for Health Services (DGHS)-Muscat Governorate is conducting a training workshop on implanon NXT insertion at the Al Watayah polyclinic starting on Tuesday. 

The three-day training workshop targeted 12 female doctors working in Muscat Governorate Primary health care centers with the aim of introducing implanon NXT implant as a new method of birth spacing.

The training methodology included lectures that addressed in details this method’s advantages and the basis of assessing women wishing to use this service. Moreover, the workshop provided participants with communication skills required in answering any questions related to this particular implant method. It will further elaborate on implanon NXT insertion and removal.

The participants will be trained on the method’s insertion with the aid of training manikins afterward they will able to implant the implanon NXT on volunteers from Muscat Governorate as the officials in the DGHS have coordinated with health centers directors to make this happen.  


It is notable that this method is considered one of the long-term method of birth spacing that prevents pregnancy for up to three years and the Ministry is seeking to implement it gradually all over the Sultanate Governorates.