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1st Workshop on Health Leadership Concluded

1st Workshop on Health Leadership Concluded

1st Workshop on Health Leadership Concluded


The first workshop to prepare Health leaders, which was held at the National Diabetic & Endocrine Center, has recently concluded. The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and targeted groups of Al Nahdha Hospital health workers for three continuous days.

H.E. Dr. Darweesh Saif Al Maharbi, MOH’s Undersecretary of Financial & Administrative Affairs patron the conclusion of the workshop and delivered a lecture on leadership and decision-making. The lecture highlighted leadership from the perspective of self-reliance by the use of Intelligence, Curiosity, Certainty, Kindness, Patience, and Limitations.

The Scientific discussions were run by members of the Leadership and Decision-Making++ (LDM++) Forum who have been previously qualified as trainers in the field of leadership and administration.

The workshop topics included planning to prepare future officials for management, successful methods for management & leadership change, mechanisms of   supervising and commissioning, as well as strategic planning, human resources administration, building results-oriented professional relations, efficient occupational communication, and financial resources management. 

Besides the conventional presentations for the topics, innovative educational tools were introduced such as practical practices, storytelling, and studying actual and nominal scenarios and finding applicable evidence-based solutions for them.