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Surgical Team Visits Al Rustaq Hospital

Surgical Team Visits Al Rustaq Hospital

Surgical Team Visits Al Rustaq Hospital


In line with the Ministry’s efforts to extend the specialized health services to the Governorates hospitals in the Sultanate, a team from the Royal Hospital General Surgery visited recently Al Rustaq hospital to offer and train the hospital’s surgeons on the services of Endoscopic surgeries.

The team inspected the operation theater of Al Rustaq hospital to ensure its readiness and the availability of the tools needed to carry out such surgeries. The team further met the hospital’s surgical, anesthetic, and nursing staff who demonstrated a genuine willingness in performing such surgeries. 

The team achieved a remarkable success recorded in operating more than 120 Endoscopic surgeries most of them involved Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, Laparoscopic Appendectomy, as well as insertion of Peritoneal dialysis tube.  most of Al Rustaq Hospital surgeons participated in the direct assistance in these conducted surgeries in order to acquire them with the appropriate knowledge and experience in this field.

This initiative has contributed in reducing the burden over the RH and minimizing the waiting list of surgeries as some surgical cases were transferred from Muscat to be operated in Al Rustaq hospital. In a notable achievement, patients suffering from Ball Stones issues can now obtain surgery appointments within a week. 

Moreover, the RH Section of General Surgery will additionally provide new distinct operations that will serve Al Batinah South Governorate citizens including excessive obesity, Colon and breast operations without the need to transfer the patient to RH.