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Sultanate Launches 3rd Global Patient Safety Challenge

Sultanate Launches 3rd Global Patient Safety Challenge

Sultanate Launches 3rd Global Patient Safety Challenge


The Sultanate, represented by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) launched today Sunday at the SQU the WHO’s Third Global Patient Safety Challenge: Medication without Harm.

The celebration held under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Rawya bint Saud al-Busaidiyah, Minister of Higher Education in the presence of H.E. Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammmed al-Saidi, Minister of Health along with a number of ministers and undersecretaries.

Senior officials of the ministries of health and national focal points for patient safety and medication safety were participated in this event along with representatives from related institutions and agencies at the regional and national levels, as well as hospitals level.

The 3rd global challenge aimed at reducing the harm caused by unsafe practices and medication errors. It focuses on improving the safety of medication by strengthening the systems required for reducing such errors.

The WHO in Bonn, Germany officially launched this third challenge last March with participation of the Sultanate, represented by the Minister of Health.

During the meeting held in Bonn, the Organization has chosen the Sultanate to launch this challenge in the Eastern Mediterranean region due to its good reputation among the international institutions. This meeting is the first launch for this challenge in the WHO six regions.

The WHO’s global challenges on patients safety are primary programs aim at introducing improvements in health systems and thereby, reducing risks and harms resulting from delivery of health services. In this regard, the WHO launched earlier two global challenges. The first challenge was in 2005 called “Clean Care is Safer Care” and the second one was in 2008 called “Safe Surgery Saves Lives”.

Dr. Mahmoud Fikri, WHO Regional Director in Eastern Mediterranian Region, stated that: "The focus of the Global Patient Safety Challenge “Medication without Harm” is on strengthening health systems to reduce medication errors with the goal of reducing the level of severe, avoidable harm related to medications by 50% over the next five years". He also added that patient safety represents the reduction of risks for health care-related harm. It demands a broad range of actions, including safe use of medicines, infection control, equipment safety, safe clinical practice and a safe environment for health and medical care at different levels of the health care system.

Launching this two-day challenge event coincides with the celebration of the First Annual World Patient Safety Day that was allocated based on the Sultanate’s proposal to the WHO, which recently has been approved to be on 17th of September each year.

The launching ceremony included honoring the health institutions participated in the WHO Patient Safety Friendly Hospital Initiative (PSFHI) namely: Nizwa, Al Rustaq, Starcare and Riffah hospitals. The Ministry of Health launched this initiative PSFHI in 2016 and developed a plan to cover all public and private hospitals in the Sultanate till the end of 2018.

Due to the importance of this high-level event in the Sultanate, the Ministry of Health, represented by the Directorate-General of Quality Assurance Center and other MOH Directorates and in collaboration with the SQU made all the preparations, as well as providing adequate support for the participants. In addition, a main committee was formed consist of sub-committees related to various organizational, administrative and media matters.