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Regional Training Workshop on Malaria

Regional Training Workshop on Malaria

Regional Training Workshop on Malaria


A Regional Training Workshop on Malaria Surveillance, Monitoring and Evaluation began today Sunday at the Park Inn Hotel Muscat.

The three-day workshop organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MOH).

It aims at training the malaria surveillance focal points in the participated countries on the updated methods of collecting, analyzing, and evaluating data.

The workshop will present a number of work papers to discuss the WHO strategies and challenges to eliminate malaria.

Dr. Idris al-Obaiani, Director of Communicable Diseases said in his speech: "surveillance of malaria infection in human population is the backbone of malaria elimination. It was considered as pillar number 3 in the Regional Malaria Action Plan 2016-2020 as well as in the Global Technical Strategy (GTS) 2016-2030 with the final goal to have a malaria-free world".

He also pointed out that: "In Oman, we are at stage of prevention of re-establishment of malaria. However, Due to high receptivity and increased vulnerability which is caused by influx of cases from malaria endemic countries the risk of re-establishment still existing. Therefore, it is important to maintain vigilance, strong surveillance system, continuous assessment of the eco-epidemiological situation, and readiness for prompt and appropriate interventions".

Number of experts in the field of infection control Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Oman were participated in this workshop.