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MOH Clarification on E-Payment Service

MOH Clarification on E-Payment Service

MOH Clarification on E-Payment Service


Within the framework of computerizing the government institutions, the Ministry of Health (MOH) would like to draw the public attention that all fees and amounts due to the Ministry with all its health institutions will be collected through the bankcards only (credit/ debit cards) and no cash amounts will be received effective from January 1st, 2018.

With applying this service, the health institutions will have the authority to receive cash amounts from some cases that have reasonable justifications. Taking into account, urging those cases to bring the bankcards next times.

In addition, cash amounts may be collected in the health centers in case of technical difficulties in using bankcards such as lack of communications network, weakness in the network and its interruption and other factors. The difficulties will be solved in coordination with the concerned authorities.

The Ministry will review the feedbacks of the service, as well as the challenges, if any. It is worth mentioning that, the Ministry has started applying the E-payment service via the bankcards since the October 1st , 2016.