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MOH Withdraws Fake Herbal Medications

MOH Withdraws Fake Herbal Medications

MOH Withdraws Fake Herbal Medications


The Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by the Directorate-General of Pharmaceutical Affairs & Drug Control (DGPADC) issued a circular to withdraw four herbal medicines products from the local market according to the periodical inspection visits to the private pharmacies.

The drugs mentioned in the circular including Shark Extract Tablets, Vimax Capsules, Kamagra Oral Jelly and Dragon's Delay Spray.

Dr. Mohammed bin Hamdan Al-Rubai, DGPADC Director General said: "These herbal medicines products were entered to the Sultanate through informal way for the purpose of financial profit without any regard to the human health and without the approval of the concerned Department in the Directorate, which is contrary to the procedures followed in this regard, as none of these products were registered in the Ministry and therefore it is not allowed to enter and to be sold in the Sultanate".   

He also added that the laboratory tests performed for these products have proved that they contain chemicals substances without mentioning that in the formulation or in the leaflets attached to the product, which was considered as a commercial fraud since the manufacturers clearly mention that those products are natural herbal products. In addition, the substance added to those products is the sildenafil "the active ingredient in Viagra that used for the treatment erectile dysfunction".

Dr. Al-Rubai clarified that this substance has a number of adverse and severe side effects, and many drug interaction with other drugs, especially those used for heart diseases such as angina and others. The side effects of this products affects heart patients, especially those who are using medications containing nitrates, which can lead to severe hypotension leading to cardiac arrest leading to death.

Due to the seriousness of cheating and counterfeiting drugs at the global level, the DGPADC added a page in the MOH website aim to publish the herbal medications and medical products banned in the Sultanate in order to familiarize the citizens and residents on their risks;

The Directorate is fully prepared to receive any queries in this regard and other matters related to drugs.