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World Salt Awareness Week Marked

World Salt Awareness Week Marked

World Salt Awareness Week Marked


In line with the world’s celebration of the World Salt Awareness Week, the Ministry of Health (MOH) represented by the Nutrition department will be observing this occasion during the 12th to the 18th of March.

The Sultanate has accomplished greatly in this regard particularly in reducing salt in bread and its products that is implemented within the national salt intake reduction work plan.  the Ministry’s efforts are highlighted in achieving the gradual sustainable reduction of salt intake in the Sultanate within the 3-4 coming years by 30% to reach the World Health Organization (WHO) 5g per day salt target thus minimize the chances of strokes and heart attacks rate.

It is worth noting that the implementation involved bakeries with the higher distribution rate in the Sultanate markets and has resulted in approximately 30% reduction of salt used in the selected bakeries’ bread. The plan will be further implemented to include all bakeries in the Sultanate.

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