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National Training Workshop Holds on Implanon NXT

National Training Workshop Holds on Implanon NXT

National Training Workshop Holds on Implanon NXT


The Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by the Women & Child Health Department (WCHD) at the Directorate General of Primary Health Care (DGPHC) organized today (Tuesday) a national workshop on preparing basic trainers in the field of insertion of the implant (Implanon NXT, one of the methods of family planning) at Al Watayah polyclinic.

The three-day workshop aimed at training a number of female doctors from various Governorates in the Sultanate to be the basic trainers to train the medical cadres.

This method has been applied in Muscat Governorate last year and now is being expanded to the other Governorates; namely Dhofar, North Batinah, Dhahira and Dakhiliyah.

The workshop included lectures on the method of insert and remove the implant, treatment the side effects, advice before and after insertion, the standards of chosen this method according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as discussing the evaluation mechanism of this service and preparing reports.

The workshop also included a practical training on using the implant models. An implant has been installed for a number of volunteer women under the direct supervision of the trainers.

Dr. Faiza Al-Fadil, Head of Women & Child Health at the Directorate General of Health Services at Muscat Governorate, as well as Dr. Hanan Al-Mahroqi, Director of Boushar Health Policlinic trained the doctors.