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Royal Hospital Celebrates WDSD

Royal Hospital Celebrates WDSD

Royal Hospital Celebrates WDSD


In coincidence with the World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) the Royal Hospital, represented by the Rehabilitation Department organized today (Tuesday) an open day under the theme "The Syndrome…My Life" at the Conferences Hall of the Hospital.

The event was attended by Dr. Mahir Al-Bahrani, Assistant Director-General for Medical Affairs in the Royal Hospital along with the participation of a number of medical cadres and children with Down syndrome, as well as their parents.

The event aimed at familiarizing the individuals and community with Down syndrome in terms of its causes, symptoms, treatments and rehabilitation. In addition to integrating the children with Down syndrome with the surrounding community, as well as explaining the coexisting methods to the parents and the ways of dealing with the complications.

The Open Day included a number of awareness activities highlighting the latest developments of treatment and rehabilitation of Down syndrome.  

Dr. Musalim Al-Erimi, Head of Genetic Counseling and Education at the National Genetic Center pointed out that until today, the main cause of Down syndrome remains unknown, but it may be related to the mothers aging. These children may have many health problems including heart, vision and dental problems, as well as hearing difficulties, thyroid disorders, movement, breathing and sleeping problems.