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Asthma Clinics & Initiatives Honored

Asthma Clinics & Initiatives Honored

Asthma Clinics & Initiatives Honored


In line with the World Asthma Day celebration, which is observed on 1 May, the Ministry of Health (MOH) represented by Non-Communicable Diseases department of the Directorate General for Primary Health Care (DGPHC) organized an event and honored the best asthma clinics and best initiative for promoting Asthma Program.

The honoring ceremony was held at the City Seasons hotel with the attendance of Dr. Saeed Al Lamki, Director General of PHC, as well as the Chairperson of the Oman Respiratory Society and number of MOH’s directors from the Sultanate Governorates.

The ceremony commenced by DGPHC speech where Dr. Al Lamki pointed out that Asthma is a common disease and according to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimation, there are 300 million people in the world suffering from asthma. It is also considered a burden on individual, and the country’s health system and economy.

The ceremony program further marked the inclusion of Asthma treatment in the primary health care in the Sultanate. Currently, the Governorates’ PHC institutions embrace 146 asthma clinics equipped with the essential medications and devices.

Challenges, achievements, in addition to activities related to the Asthma Promotion Program were highlighted during the event.

At the end, Best Asthma Clinic and Best Initiative for Asthma in the governorates were awarded. Al Buraimi was granted the first place on ‘Asthma-Friendly School’ initiative.

It should be noted that the day is marked with the purpose of improving asthma awareness and care around the world and this year’s theme came under the theme “NEVER TOO EARLY, NEVER TOO LATE. It’s always the right time to address airways disease.”