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MOH Celebrates Opening National Hyperbaric Medicine Center

MOH Celebrates Opening National Hyperbaric Medicine Center

MOH Celebrates Opening National Hyperbaric Medicine Center


The Ministry of Health (MOH) celebrates next week the opening of the National Hyperbaric Medicine Center at the Royal Hospital at a total cost of around R.O. 2,300,000 million under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Ali bin Masoud Al-Sunaidi, Minister of Commerce & Industry.

The fully equipped Center built on an area reached (851) sq. m. and consists of several facilities including medical records section, examination room, three diagnosis and treatment rooms. It also has a main room containing three hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) devices, which are the latest of its kind at the international level. Two of the devices in a treatment room accommodate up to (12) persons and the other device is in another room for individual treatment.

The center, which started operation earlier this year, compatible with all safety procedures and systems. It equipped with fire engines, alarms, fire sensors inside the hyperbaric oxygen devices and a number of emergency exits.

All health workers at the Center were trained in specialized centers in German and Austria, as well as a practical training program at the medical complex in the Said Bin Sultan Naval Base (SBSNB).

It is worth mentioning that the hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the main treatment for several cases including blocked of blood vessels by air bubbles, acute poisoning of carbon monoxide gas and decompression sickness that affects divers.

The hyperbaric oxygen is used as a supplement therapy for many conditions including diabetic foot ulcers, burn injuries, sudden hearing loss, chronic osteomyelitis and ear infections and crushing injuries (accidents). In addition to a number of certain cases caused by acute microbes, wounds and slow healing ulcers.