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MOH Opens National Hyperbaric Center

MOH Opens National Hyperbaric Center

MOH Opens National Hyperbaric Center


The Ministry of Health (MOH) celebrated on Wednesday the opening of the National Hyperbaric Center (NHC) at the Royal Hospital at a total cost of around R.O. 2.3 million.

The opening ceremony was held under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Ali bin Masoud Al-Sunaidi, Minister of Commerce & Industry in the presence of H.E. Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Saidi, Minister of Health along with a number of civil and military senior officials.

Dr. Aisha bint Habeeb Al-Bulushia, NHC in charge, stated that the Sultanate is one of the developed countries improving the health life of its residents. The Ministry of Health has provided various and renewable health services in different fields including the projects like the National Diabetes & Endocrine Center, National Heart Center, and National Oncology Center…etc.

Dr. Al-Bulushia also added that the National Hyperbaric Center came in response to His Majesty the Sultan's directions towards development. She pointed out that the Hyperbaric medicine is one of the modern medicine branches, which provides pure oxygen at an ambient pressure higher than atmospheric pressure at the sea level. This treatment helps the body tissues to regenerate, especially the tissues that expose to damages due to chronic diseases, radiation or burns.   

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