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Health Investment Lab Continues

Health Investment Lab Continues

Health Investment Lab Continues


In line with Oman Vision 2040, which aspires the Sultanate of Oman to become an attractive environment for investment in the health sector, the investment lab in the health sector promotes the investments in the medical industries, improving health services, enhancing health and public enablers such as governance, as well as improves techniques and innovations, and qualifying human resources.

The investment laboratory in the health sector is launched by the Ministry of Health (MOH), with the support of Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Follow-up Unit and Oman National Investment Program "Nazdaher"  

Furthermore, the investment lab aims to developing partnership in a competitive environment in order to invest in this vital sector. Therefore, the lab focused on involving the leading private institutions by conducting discussion sessions. These sessions work to invite a number of investors from the Sultanate of Oman and abroad, in which the number of investors reached 42 in the first week of the lab.

The second week of the lab, several induction briefings and meetings with investors were conducted. These meetings touched upon the most important pillars of the investment lab, challenges facing the investment in the health sector, and the difficulties in the implementation of some projects in this sector.

The investment lab in health sector reviews through the four pillars a number of investment opportunities to be promoted and presented for competition between the investors.

The lab continues during this month to solve challenges in order to attract investments in the health sector in the Sultanate of Oman with involvement of all actors in the public and private sectors.