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Open Day on Surgery in Royal Hospital

Open Day on Surgery in Royal Hospital

Open Day on Surgery in Royal Hospital


The Royal Hospital, represented by the Surgery Unit organized on Wednesday at the Hospital an open day in the presence of Dr. Muhanna Al-Musalhi, Assistant Director-General for Ancillary Medical affairs in the Royal Hospital with the participation of various health departments of the Hospital.

The open day included an awareness exhibition, where it highlighted the importance of the surgical operations, reviewed the tools and equipment used before, during and after the surgery, defined the stages that the patients experience during the surgical operations and providing awareness advices and consultants.

It is worth to mention that the Surgery Unit is one of the most important vital Departments of the Hospital. It provides the surgical services to the patients from various Governorates of the Sultanate. It equipped with latest equipment and devices used in the field of surgery and has a high-qualified and experience medical cadres.

Ali Al-Shabibi, Head of Nursing at the Surgery Unit pointed out that the Royal Hospital witnessed, during the past years, developments and changes in the equipment and devices used in the surgical operations, as well as introducing many surgeries in various medical specialties. Therefore, organizing such gathering is to highlight the latest development in the surgery Unit of the Royal Hospital and exchanging experiences in the field of surgery, which will result in upgrading the level of healthcare provided to the patients.