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Emergency Health System Meets

Emergency Health System Meets

Emergency Health System Meets


The Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by the Emergency Management Center organized today (Monday) the second Forum of the Health Emergency System under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Saidi, Minister of Health at Sundus Rotana Hotel.

A number of undersecretaries, representatives from the Medical Response and Public Health Sector (the civil, military and security), the directors general of health services along with the heads of emergency departments in the various Governorates, as well as MOH senior officials attended the Forum.

The Forum aimed at stressing the cooperation between the elements of the Emergency Health System and familiarizes the supporting authorities to the achievements made by the System over the past period. In addition, the Forum also aimed to review the achievements of the MOH Emergency Management Center and its tasks, especially during "Mekono" cyclone, which hit Dhofar Governorate and other North Governorates and the lessons learned.

The Forum also reviewed the participation of the Royal Air force of Oman in responding to the "Mekono" cyclone, as well as the participation of the medical team of the health emergency at the same event.

Dr. Rashid bin Hamed Al-Badi, Director of the Emergency Management Center pointed out that the importance of such forums is to create a deep relationship between the concerned authorities, exchange the different experiences, review the achievements, as well as ideas and challenges.

The Director of the Emergency Management Center also added that the Sultanate, during this year, witnessed exceptional climate conditions, therefore, the MOH competent authorities have extraordinarily prepared to confront this climate conditions.

The Minister of Health stressed the importance of training and qualifying all the cadres in the health sector for emergency cases. He added that training and qualification are the most important factors in raising the awareness level and dealing responsibly with the emergency cases in order to reduce the possibility of any risk or crisis that may affect the ability of the health institutions.

During the Forum, emergency plans of the hospitals across the Sultanate, which considered as human and material resources and potential centers during managing the emergency cases have been adopted. In addition, Dr. Al-Saidi honored the outstanding staff in the MOH Emergency Management Center along with the civil and military partners of the medical response system. 

The medical evacuation means the timely and highly efficiently process of moving, either by air or land, the sick or injured people whose requiring urgent medical care to a better-equipped facility by using equipped ambulances or air ambulance.

It is worth mentioning that the MOH Emergency Management Center has recently participated in the Omani-British joint military exercise “Swift Sword 3" and the National exercise " Al Shomoukh 2" through activating the Medical Response and Public Health Sector plan during the armed conflict. All the health institutions, within the exercise, have practiced correctly and as required to achieve the vision of the sector.