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National Oncology Center Services

National Oncology Center Services

National Oncology Center Services



The Ministry of Health (MOH) strives to provide the best health services for the cancer patients, where the cancer is ranking high level among the chronic diseases both in the World and the Sultanate.

Therefore, the Ministry of Health, represented by the National Oncology center has started to provide qualified and highly experienced medical staff, quality medicines, as well as the medical radiological and therapeutic equipment and devices, which are the newest of its kind in the world.

On the services provided by the Center, Faiz Al-Tobi, Head of Patients Services Section in the Center, clarified that the Center exempts all cancer patients from paying the registration fees either to open a register or for the visits, taking into account their financial circumstances and frequent visits. 

The Center also provides prepared and suitable accommodation for the adult cancer patients consist of 40 rooms along with three meals for the patient and the accompanying person.  

Al-Tobi added also that there is a prepared accommodation for the children oncology patients affiliated to the Oman Cancer Association (Dar Al-Hanan) in cooperation with the National Oncology Center include all the facilities. Entertainment and educational activities are organized for these children by specialized teaching staff. The child's family is allowed to stay with their child during his/ her stay in Al-Dar.

The Center is working to integrate the volunteers and voluntary teams with the inpatients under conditions and terms in order to enhance the psychological aspects for the patients and their families. In addition, integrating the private sector and civil associations to support the insolvent patients such as providing the medical equipment and devices, beds, wheelchairs, food supplement…etc. 

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