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Health Minister Launches Muscat Campaign for Aedes Aegypti Elimination

Health Minister Launches Muscat Campaign for Aedes Aegypti Elimination

Health Minister Launches Muscat Campaign for Aedes Aegypti Elimination


The Ministry of Health (MOH) in collaboration with the Municipality of Muscat and the relevant stakeholders launched today (Monday) Muscat Campaign for Aedes Aegypti Elimination under the theme Your Cooperation Indicates Your Awareness”. The launching ceremony was held under the auspices of H.E. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Saidi, Minister of Health at Majlis Al Sayida Fatima bint Ali Mosque in North Al Hail.

Number of their Excellencies and high-ranking officials attended the launching ceremony along with community individuals.

The launching program included a lecture presented by Dr. Saif Al Abri, Director General of Disease Control & Surveillance at MOH. The presentation identified Aedes Aegypti mosquito and the diseases that it cuase. Dr. Al Abri as well reviewed the local situation of the dengue fever and combating efforts, and remarked on the global situation of the disease.   

Moreover, Dr. Shawqi Al Zadjali, Director-General Assistant for Health Affairs at Muscat Municipality explained the elimination plan that involves three key elements namely are, community partnership, environmental sanitation, and integrated management. Dr. Al Zadjali pointed out that the integrated management for Aedes Aegypti fight can be achieved through following prevention procedures and environmental actions, in addition to the biological and chemical control.

The role of community played in making the campaign a success was underlined by Shiekh Yahya Al Amri, Member of the Muscat Municipal Council Representative of Seeb.    

Furthermore, Dr. Fatima Al Ajmi, Director General for Health Services at Muscat Governorate gave a presentation that marked the objective of the campaign and the way forward achieving it. Dr. Al Ajmi underlined that the campaign aims at eradicating Aedes Aegypti mosquito and preventing its spreading to other area. She pointed out that the campaign targets around 100 households and almost 25 thousand facilities.

The task forces, Dr. Al Ajmi added are well trained and qualified consist of 1000 personnel from various governmental organizations. Personnel will be in formal uniform and carry identification card. 

At the end of the ceremony, the patron of the event His Excellency the Health Minister launched the Muscat Campaign for Aedes Aegypti Elimination.

Following the official lauching, H.E. Dr. Al Saidi, gave a speech where he praised the collaborative efforts of all and stressed the significance of community involvement and despondence from both citizen and resident, highlighting the feminine element.

The ceremony included an exhibition that displayed educational leaflets and control instruments.   

The two-week campaign, carried out from 8th - 21st  of January 2019, is organized with the purpose of eliminating Aedes aegypti mosquito that recently caused cases of dengue fever in Muscat governorate.

The MOH and Municipality of Muscat, with the cooperation of their Excellencies the Walis’ offices as well as volunteers, have finalized their preparations for conducting the campaign in the governorate’s Wilayat including the prepared plans, provision of the necessary resources, as well as training of field teams that will visit some households in Seeb, Bushar, Martah, in addition to other logistics.

To fulfil the objective of the campaign, the Ministry of Health and Municipality of Muscat call upon all citizens and residents to activate the community role to eradicate breeding sites of aedes aegypti mosquito and to cooperate with the field teams involved in the Muscat campaign for aedes aegypti eradication when started on Tuesday, 8 January 2019.

Moreover, the Ministry of Health and the Municipality of Muscat call on everyone to seek information from their reliable source and ignore rumors. Citizens and residents can communicate with the Ministry of Health's Contact Center and the Muscat Municipality Contact Center for any queries.