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Saudi Health Ministry Conducts Developmental Workshops for “Waai” Award in Muscat

Saudi Health Ministry Conducts Developmental Workshops for “Waai” Award in Muscat

Saudi Health Ministry Conducts Developmental Workshops for “Waai” Award in Muscat


The Saudi Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Gulf Health Council conducted on Tuesday working sessions for the Health competition (Waai) at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Center.

Waai Award is one of the initiatives of the Saudi Ministry of Health, which aims to encourage individuals, companies and associations to create awareness content in the field of health through infographics designs to stimulate the community to follow a healthy lifestyle, limiting injury and increasing activity.

The award as well is allowing school participations to encourage teachers and students to compete in the creation of a healthy school environment through preparing and documenting a health initiative that promotes health in schools.

The competition involves four categories, which are short film, motion graphic, imaging, info graphic designs. Participations of each category will be evaluated by a respective arbitration committee. Three awards are further allocated for the winners of the highest votes from audience of all the categories. 

The short film track aims to make a short 120-second film to present a healthy experience or to warn of diseases that threaten the community with the purpose of health education or introducing and correcting a misleading  health information.

The Motion Graphics track requires a 120-second short film through animation to show a healthy experience, or to warn of community-threatening diseases for health awareness or correct health information.

The photographic track is aimed at using a professional camera or mobile phone camera, taking a picture that carries a healthy awareness message, or warns against diseases that threaten the community.

The Infographic design category is concerned with creating a design that clarifies a health problem, or supports a healthy habit, or warns against diseases that threaten society.

The workshop witnessed a wide range of participants that exceeded 200 people concerned with designing photographs, videos, and graphics in the Sultanate.

The receiving of participations are opened from February 22, 2018 to February 10, 2019. They will be filtered from February 11, 2019. The audience voting will be opened from 15 - 22 March 2019. The first prize for the competition will be 100 thousand Saudi Riyals, in addition to honoring 10 participants from each track or category.