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MOH Ready for Climate Condition

MOH Ready for Climate Condition

MOH Ready for Climate Condition


Due to the climate condition that the Sultanate is being through, the Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed the readiness of all health institutions to deal with such condition.

The Ministry is continuing providing the health services in the Governorates during the climate condition, as well as providing all the needs for the health institutions in terms of the human resources, medical devices, medicines and other logistics services.  

The Minister of Health, represented by the Directorate General of Health Services of North Al-Sharqiya Governorate responded to the call of duty in coordination and cooperation with Royal Oman Police Aviation and the Public Authority of Civil Defence and Ambulance, where Ibra Hospital received (3) injuries and (1) death by drowning.

All health institutions are continue working efficiently without any obstacles during providing the health services, noticing that some roads leading the Wadi Bani Khalid Hospital are impassable. 

The MOH, represented by the Emergency & Crisis Management Center has closely monitored the climate situation develops in coordination with the National Multi-Hazard Early Warning Center of the Public Authority of Civil Aviation. The Ministry has formed a task team to activate the national health emergency plan at the central level in the Governorates.

Therefore, the Ministry assured its preparedness for such climate cases, where the other Governorates near the Governorates expected to be affected by the climate weather are fully prepared to supply and cover the health services with medications, medical requirement and human resources when needed.

In addition, the central warehouses of the Ministry are ready to send additional shipments of medications and other medical materials to all the Directorates, Hospitals and Health Centers in accordance to the supply plans and other plans that are activated for the Engineering Affairs, IT, Blood Bank, communication alternatives in case of interruption, as well as providing generators.