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Health Holds Peritoneal Dialysis Workshop

Health Holds Peritoneal Dialysis Workshop

Health Holds Peritoneal Dialysis Workshop


THE Ministry of Health (MOH) represented by the Department of Non-Communicable Diseases, in collaboration with Centre for Continuing Professional Development organized a two-day training workshop for Peritoneal Dialysis’s Focal Points. The opening was held on (Sunday) with the presence of Dr. Saeed Al Lamki, Director General of Primary Health Care.

Number of speakers lectured in this workshop from Centre for Continuing Professional Development, Baxter Company Limited, MOH Department of NCDs, in addition to speakers from Nizwa and Royal Hospitals.

The program trains and qualifies both health care providers at the Governorates’ health institutions as well as PD patients on the methodologies and strategies applied in Peritoneal Dialysis.

The workshops covered a spectrum of topics including planning an effective teaching, identifying instructional methodologies and strategies, in addition to creating a positive teaching - learning environment. Moreover, it highlighted prevention and management of peritonitis, means of monitoring clinic visits and evaluating quality of service.

It should be noted that the Peritoneal Dialysis is one kind of chronic kidney failure treatment. The Patient is involved in this type of treatment therefore the health care provider is required to teach the patients while they stay at the hospital on its procedures to perform self-management at home without any obstacles. Continues training is a key to the success of the Peritoneal Dialysis service.