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World Head and Neck Cancer Day Observed

World Head and Neck Cancer Day Observed

World Head and Neck Cancer Day Observed


Al Nahdha Hospital represented by Nose, Ear and Throat (ENT) Department organized recently an event to mark the World Head and Neck Cancer Day, which is observed on 27 of July of every year. The event was held at Oman Avenues Mall and was attended by Dr. Wahid Ali Al Kharusi, President of Oman Cancer Association (OCA), and Dr. Hamad Al Harthi, Director of Al Nahdha Hospital.  

The event aimed at introducing head, neck, nose, ear, and throat cancers to community individuals, presenting prevention and early detection methods, and treatment.

The event focused on the Disease-causing agents such as smoking and reviewed means of reducing its prevalence. Moreover, educational leaflets were distributed to visitors along with teaching them on administering self-screening for head, neck, and throat.  Meanwhile, a specialized team was also present at the event to response to visitors enquires and offer a free head and neck cancer screening .

One of the most common cancers are salivary gland tumors, followed by oral cancers especially tongue tumors, and then throat tumors. Treatment depends on the stage of illness when diagnosed. The earlier these tumors are diagnosed; the chances of responding to treatment and recovery are greater.   

Dr. Salma Al Shebani, ENT Senior Consultant pointed out that cases are reaching  the hospital late due to lack of familiarity with early symptoms. Regarding head and neck cancers, Dr. Al Shibani stressed that patient should consult the specialist if any of the following symptoms occurs:

  1. A neck, mouth, or nose lump

  2. A mouth, jaw, or tongue sore.

  3. Frequent nose bleeds for elderly

  4. Difficulty swallowing or trouble breathing

  5. Hoarse voice for more than two weeks

Furthermore, there are certain factors that increase the chance of having HN cancers such as smoking, alcohol consumption, virus infection, along with environmental, hereditary, and functional factors.

A number of physicians from Al Nahdha hospital ENT department, and residents of the OMSB, as well as the Oman Anti-Tobacco Society and the One Team took part in this event.

It should be noted that ENT department at Al Nahdha hospital has been conducting this awareness drive annually for six consecutive years.