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MOH and LNG sing Agreement

MOH and LNG sing Agreement

MOH and LNG sing Agreement


The Ministry of Health (MOH) signed today (Monday) an agreement with the Oman Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to supply purchase of three medical devices for Al Nahdha  Hospital, worth 35,000 OR.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Fatima Mohammed Al Ajmi, Director General of Health Services- Governorate of Muscat, and Hilal Ali Al Sinani, ‎Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Oman LNG Development Foundation on behalf of the company.

Dr. Al Ajmi emphasized the significance of partnership between public and private sectors for the public interests, applauding the company’s initiative.  She added that the provision of such medical devices is of great value for the hospital’s in-patients.

The Oman LNG Development Foundation Deputy Chief Executive Officer stressed the institution’s ongoing commitment to partnerships and cooperation with government institutions to serve the development of the country, including with regard to health services provided to citizens.  

One of the supplied devices includes infrared vein finder. The device facilitates as well increases the chances of drawing blood during blood donation or taking samples for analysis.  Once the light is displayed on the surface of patient’s skin, the medical professional would be able to view the vein clearly.

The technology was first utilized late in 2014 in Australia and it is expected to become widely available in the hospitals and health centers around the globe.