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MOH Gets Ready to Launch Patient Safety Initiative in PHC

MOH Gets Ready to Launch Patient Safety Initiative in PHC

MOH Gets Ready to Launch Patient Safety Initiative in PHC


Under the theme "Speak Up for Patient Safety", the Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by the Directorate General of Quality Assurance Center (DGQAC) and in collaboration with the Directorate General of Primary Health Care (DGPHC) organized today (Sunday) a preparatory workshop to launch the Patient Safety Initiative in the Primary Health Care (PHC) under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Mohammed bin Saif Al-Hosni, MOH Undersecretary for Health Affairs at City Seasons Hotel.

The DGQAC seeks to raise awareness on the concept of patient safety, the usage of international standards and implementing all means for its sustainability in order to spread the concept of patient safety among the community members and the health workers, as well as to provide the staff with the tools and techniques that help them to maintaining the culture of patient safety in their institutions.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Hosni, praised the services of the PHC, where a large segment of community benefits from this service.

Dr. Qamra Al-Sariri, DGQAC Director-General pointed out that the significant roles of the Center in cooperation with the DGPHC aims to spread the concept of the patient safety and raising the quality level of health services in the PHC have, which resulted in launching the patient safety initiative in the PHC, in addition to interact with the services providers in building the culture of patient safety by organizing a campaign in various sectors of healthcare and public areas for the community.

Amal Khamis bait Mustahil, Head of Patient Safety at the DGQAC explained the concepts of patient safety according to the definitions of the international organizations. She also clarified the methods of applying the WHO standards of patient safety in the PHC institutions, where a targeted plan has been developed to ensure the compliance of these standards with the PHC standards.

The Head of Patient Safety added that the importance of launching patient safety concept in the PHC is to raise the awareness on patient safety and to demonstrate the commitment and accountability, motivate the staff and building their capacity regarding the patient safety, as well as cost-reducing and the better use of resources.  

The workshop touched upon the patient safety standards and culture, the PHC SWOT analysis, history of quality & leadership in health care, key performance indicators, incidents performance indicators, incidents reporting & learning system and patient safety incident…etc.