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MOH Organizes NCD Summit

MOH Organizes NCD Summit

MOH Organizes NCD Summit


The Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Summit commenced today (Friday) at the Intercontinental Hotel Muscat under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Sultan bin Yarub Al-Busaidi, Advisor of Ministry of Health for Health Affairs.

The two-day Summit is organized by the Non-Communicable Diseases Department of the Directorate General of Primary Health Care, Ministry of Health (MOH) in cooperation with AstraZeneca Company.

The Summit gathers about 200 primary healthcare physicians from the Sultanate and GCC along with lecturers specialized in non-communicable diseases from the Sultanate and abroad.

The Summit aims to refresh the skills and knowledge of the health workers in the primary healthcare institutions in the field of non-communicable diseases, as well as discussing the latest developments in this regard.

The Summit focuses on primary health care as the main phase receiving patients and guides them to the different levels of service and healthcare. It is therefore important to integrate the treatment of chronic non-communicable diseases in primary health care in order to detect these diseases and providing treatment and care early to avoid any complications.

The Summit touches upon the treating adult & pediatric asthma in primary care, diabetes & coronary artery disease, patient referral, management of acute complications of diabetes in primary care, management of acute asthma and others.

Dr. Said Al-Lamki, Director General of Primary Health Care stressed that NCDs, which kill 15 million between the ages of 30 and 69 years annually, are one of the biggest risks, as well as challenges to development in the 21st century and are the major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide.

He also added that like many countries, the GCC has witnessed a dramatic transition in the burden of disease. Non-communicable diseases are now the leading cause of premature death in our countries leading to around 70% of all deaths. It is also a serious threat to our public health and economic development.

Al-Lamki pointed out that as many of the Gulf States; Oman has taken several steps towards accelerating progress on controlling and preventing Non communicable diseases. In addition, Oman has formulated a National multisectoral Committee for Non-Communicable Diseases and has launched the National policy and Multi-sectoral Plan for Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) which aims at reducing the premature deaths resulting from NCDs by 25 percent by 2025.