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First Muscat Health Committees Symposium Held

First Muscat Health Committees Symposium Held

First Muscat Health Committees Symposium Held


Muscat Health Committees held its first expanded symposium today (Sunday) under the auspices of H.E. Sayyid Saeed Ibrahim Al Busaidi, Deputy-Governor of Muscat, with the presence of H.E. Dr. Mohamed Saif Al Hosni, Ministry of Health’s Undersecretary for Health Affairs, as well their Excellencies Walyes of Muscat. 

The symposium, held at Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Auditorium, was organized by the Directorate General of Health Services-Governorate of Muscat (DGHS-Muscat) represented by the department of Primary Health Care.

The event gathered 60 members of government relevant health committees from different parts of Muscat.

The symposium came with the purpose of raising the profile of the health committees in the sustainable health development in addition to highlighting the effective role they play in sectorial cooperation among government authorities concerning with the community health.

During the symposium, the Director General of Health Services at Muscat Dr. Fatima Al Ajmi outlined the significance of conducting the event in addressing the health obstacles and coming up with the suitable solutions in order to facilitate the implementation of health development plans all over the country.   

Moreover, the symposium reviewed the role of the health committees as a tool of sectorial cooperation, promoting health and community engagement. Additionally, methodology and work mechanism of the health committees as well process of following up the recommendations were identified.  The symposium also touched upon the health committees’ financial regulation, scopes, and roles of the members from various sectors in implanting their recommendations to serve public health promoting plans.

Moreover, the role of community initiatives in the health cities, towns, and neighborhoods were explained. The symposium further presented the primary health care Indicators for Health statue 2018 in Muscat.

Within the event, a community competition to prevent narcotics and psychotropic substances was announced.   

The symposium concluded with recommendations to be implemented in Muscat Health Committees.