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MOH Highlights Diagnostic Imaging

MOH Highlights Diagnostic Imaging

MOH Highlights Diagnostic Imaging


The Directorate General of Specialized Medical Care, represented by the Diagnostic & Interventional Imaging Department of the Ministry of Health (MOH) organized today (Thursday) a scientific symposium about diagnostic imaging practices at the primary healthcare institutions at the City Seasons Hotel.  

The symposium aimed to understand and improve the communication methods between the workers in diagnostic imaging and doctors in the primary healthcare institutions.

More than 100 physicians and technicians from the Sultanate have attended the symposium.

The symposium highlighted the most significant practices in the field of diagnostic imaging and challenges faced by the radiologists, the latest developments and modern techniques in the same field, as well as the procedures of reducing the radiation doses for the patient.

The health centers and polyclinics that have an active role in raising awareness about the radiology day over the past years, along with the old and retired radiologists from all over the Sultanate have honored at the end of the symposium.