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24th AHWP Kicks Off

24th AHWP Kicks Off

24th AHWP Kicks Off


The 24th Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP) annual meeting for Medical Devices & Supplies kicked off today (Monday) at the Grand Millennium Hotel Muscat under the patronage of H.E. Sayyid Sultan bin Yarub Al-Busaidi, Advisor of Ministry of Health for Health Affairs.

The Meeting is organized by the Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by the Directorate General of Pharmaceutical Affairs & Drug Control (DGPADC).

The meeting aims to interdict the authorities that manufacture fake or counterfeit devices and supplies for the financial profit without taking into account the risk of the matter and its negative impact on human lives. In addition, it aims at study and fined ways that achieve the harmonization of control system on the medical devices and supplies in Asia with global trends.

The meeting touches upon a number of important aspects related to control systems on medical devices and supplies, ensure the importance of their quality, efficiency and safety in order to enhance the quality of healthcare services provided by the participating countries.

Furthermore, it also highlights the risks that may results from failure of these devices and supplies, whether in diagnosis, treatment or control of the diseases.

The four-day Meeting gathers around (300) participants from the AHWP member states in the Asian group (31 countries). Other participants from a number of European, African and American countries are participating in the meeting due to its importance in enhancing and improving the health systems of medical devices and supplies. A number of international health control authorities and organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the European Union and others are also attending the meeting.

Dr. Mohammed bin Hamdan AL-Rubiai, DGPADC Director General pointed out that in view of the important and vital role of the medical devices in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, the MOH has established the Department of Medical Equipment & Supplies Control in the DGPADC. He added that the department concerned with the safety of medical devices and supplies, ensuring that they complying with the international standards, which ensures the patient and technicians safety in the health sector in addition to receiving problems and accident reports related to the medical devices.

"Therefore, the Sultanate has joined the AHWP in 2016, which aiming to promote dialogue, exchange information between the control authorities and manufacturers of medical devices and supplies" AL-Rubiai said.

On the expected outcomes, Al-Rubiai said: "We hope that this meeting will identify the perfect ways to train the healthcare providers on the proper usage of medical devices, supplies and products in order to ensure the maximum utilization of technology in the health field, as well as raising the awareness level among the health staff on the importance and monitoring the problems associated with the usage of these products and familiarize the health control authorities with the procedures to prevent any problems or reduce the effects of use".