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Ibsar Brings Hope to Thousand Ophthalmic Patients

Ibsar Brings Hope to Thousand Ophthalmic Patients

Ibsar Brings Hope to Thousand Ophthalmic Patients


With the aim of consolidating the reduction of waiting lists for eye surgeries, the Minister of Health H.E. Dr. Hilal Ali Al Sabti signed today (Wednesday) a cooperation and support program with the sons and daughters of Sheikh Suhail Bahwan (Omar, Othman, and Ali, and their sisters) on execution of (Ibsar) initiative.

The program implements the performance of eye surgeries for number of (1000) patients at private hospitals, starting January 2023. The humanitarian initiative targets ophthalmic patients in the waiting lists according to the earliest appointment and urgent need for surgery. “Ibsar” covers expenses of surgery, medical care, and medication in addition to post-surgery follow up appointments.

 Earlier, the Ministry with a direct supervision of the health minister has initiated an extensive campaign to shorten the accumulating appointments for number of services including radiology, and outpatient clinics appointments in MOH’s health institutions.  

Furthermore, the ministry is seeking to promoting cooperation with the private health institutions and urging to expand the role of social solidarity and community partnership that is effective in resolving the challenges that face the health sector in order to ensure the provision of optimal health services in the country. 

The Ministry of Health is expressing thanks and gratitude to Omar, Othman, Ali, and their sisters for their tremendous support, commending further their durable cooperation and solidarity with community.