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EMR Directors of Poliovirus Laboratories Meets

EMR Directors of Poliovirus Laboratories Meets

EMR Directors of Poliovirus Laboratories Meets


The twenty-first Intercountry meeting of directors of national and regional poliovirus laboratories in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR), which hosted by the Sultanate in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) convened today (Wednesday) at the Sheraton Hotel. 

Dr. Saif bin Salim Al-Abri, Director General of Diseases Surveillance & Control at the Ministry of Health (MOH) along with the participation of a number of MOH concerned specialists, directors of poliovirus laboratories in the region and WHO experts and consultants attended the meeting.

The three-day meeting aims to review the poliovirus regional laboratory network performance, provide technical information on issues related to the global polio eradication programme, discuss the role of polio laboratories in polio endgame strategy Global Action Plan III (GAPIII) Phase 1 activities and environmental surveillance, as well as develop recommendations for further improvement in laboratory performance.

The meeting, which attended by (17) countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region, reviews the progress achieved in the eradication of poliovirus and the activities carried out by the national poliovirus laboratories that affiliated to the global poliovirus laboratories network.

The meeting touches upon the latest technical developments in the fields of molecular diagnostic and the gene sequence of the virus and outbreaks that some countries witness, particularly the transgenic poliovirus. It also highlights the latest environmental monitoring methods, preparedness and response plans for any outbreaks or emergency cases in the event of spread of the virus.