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Institutional Vs. Home Quarantine

Institutional Vs. Home Quarantine

Institutional Vs. Home Quarantine


While the institutional quarantine is enforced at a facility under the supervision of the Directorates General of Health Services at the governorates, home quarantine is a home-based isolation.

Both types are carried out for 14 days period.

Quarantine is enforced on persons who exhibited symptoms of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, depending on their severity (mild, acute).

The home quarantine is segregating the person in private chamber at home for 14 days. If the person needs to communicate with the other members of the household, he is required to stay one to two meters from them and wear a facemask, following the medical instructions.

People who are being quarantined will be followed up in a daily basis by the Diseases Control & Surveillance professionals at their respective governorates.

In case the person develops symptoms that require medical care and support, he/she will be transferred to the hospital for examination considering the medical condition, thus administering the necessary medical procedures accordingly.