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Main Emergency Management Committees Meets

Main Emergency Management Committees Meets

Main Emergency Management Committees Meets


As part of the preparations and precautionary measures of the Ministry of Health (MOH) to tackle the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the Sultanate, H.E. Dr. Mohammed bin Saif Al-Hosni, MOH Undersecretary for Health Affairs visited recently Al-Dhahirah Governorate and North & South Al-Sharqiyah Governorates.   

During the visit, the Undersecretary for Health Affairs chaired the meetings of the main emergency management committees in these Governorates with the presence of the Directors General and committees members.

Al-Hosni praised the efforts exerted by the medical staff and administrators at all health institutions stressing to raise awareness among the health workers on the prevention methods against COVID-19 and the necessity of implementing the infection control methods in the health institution along with the health workers.

The meeting reviewed the local and global situation of the COVID-19, the efforts of the Directorate in tackling the disease, as well as the coordination and follow-up process between the various sectors in the Governorate. The importance of intensifying the awareness programs on COVID-19 for the community.

The meetings addressed the diagnosis and treatment aspects, preventing the health workers from exposure to the virus infection, along with reviewing the efforts of the government and private health institutions in the Governorate in dealing with the current situation.

Al-Hosni emphasized the necessity to follow-up the quarantined persons at home and raise awareness among them and their contacts by adhering to the precautionary measures that ensure the infection control.