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GCC Health Undersecretaries Meets

GCC Health Undersecretaries Meets

GCC Health Undersecretaries Meets


On the recommendation of the emergency meeting of the GCC Ministers of Health, which held on Saturday, the Undersecretaries of Ministries of Health of the GCC states convened on Monday their first meeting to discuss the developments of Coronavirus (COVID-19) via a video conference.

The meeting reviewed the statement of the GCC Ministers of Health meeting, identifed the communication controls to provide the information, as well as the coordination process for the daily reports. Furthermore, the meeting reviewed the mechanism of exchanging the precautionary and preventive measures to reduce the spread of the disease.

Formation of joint operation rooms, conducting weekly meetings at the Under-secretary level in order to continuously discuss and monitor the COVID-19 latest developments, as well as the coordination process in making the joint decisions have been also discussed during the meeting.

In addition, the undersecretaries reviewed the future plan to tackle this virus, the procedures that are enforced in the points of entry, the statistics related to the virus, the preparedness of the health sector, media and emergency plans, community awareness programs and the role of the Health Council in this regard.

The GCC Undersecretaries praised the significant efforts of the staff working in the health sector and their contribution in tackling COVID-19, as well as the cooperation of the citizens along with the official and civil authorities in these exceptional circumstances.

Furthermore, the undersecretaries urge all GCC citizens and residents to implement the infection control standards, avoid attending the gatherings as possible and adhere to the preventive safety measures. They also stressed the importance of taking the information from reliable sources and to not pay attention to rumors and unofficial social media channels. In addition to co-operating with all developments to ensure the safety of the GCC citizens and residents and enjoying the highest levels of health.

H.E. Dr. Mohammed bin Saif Al-Hosni, Undersecretary of Ministry of Health for Health Affairs called upon all citizens and residents in the Sultanate to follow the applicable preventive measures such as washing hands with water and soap, sterilizing hands and wearing a face mask, avoiding the direct contact with the people suffering from cold, cough and fever so as not being infected.

Al-Hosni also called on everyone feeling respiratory symptoms to go directly to the nearest health institution for consultation and treatment with the necessity of wearing a mask when visiting the health institution, as well as adhering to the home quarantine procedures and to not hanging out the crowded places during in the current period.

The Undersecretary urges all citizens and residents to take the information from the official sources and to not pay attention to the rumors, and contact the Contact Center of the Ministry for further information.