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Supreme Committee Issues New Decisions on COVID-19

Supreme Committee Issues New Decisions on COVID-19

Supreme Committee Issues New Decisions on COVID-19


The Supreme Committee tasked with studying scopes for tackling developments resulting from coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic held a meeting on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Sayyid Hamoud bin Faisal al-Busaidi, Minister of Interior.  The meeting, held at the Interior Ministry here, was attended by top officials.

At the outset of the meeting, the Committee expressed its appreciation for efforts exerted by various state departments and thanked health workers for their remarkable performance in handling the epidemic.  It also valued the cooperation of citizens and residents and their compliance with instructions meant to stop the spread of coronavirus in the local community.

The Committee commended the role played by the Public Prosecution Department in taking legal action against those who propagate rumours—by any means—about the health situation in the Sultanate in the backdrop of the global proliferation of the pandemic.

Then, the Committee reviewed the latest developments of the pandemic and issued a number of decisions, scheduled to take effect from noon tomorrow (Wednesday, March 18th 2020), as follows:

  1. Restricting entry to the Sultanate via land, sea and air ports to Omanis only and suspending Omanis’ exiting the Sultanate.

  2. Closing all mosques, except for the Call to Prayer (Athaan).

  3. Closing all worship areas of non-Muslims.

  4. Suspending all gatherings, activities and conferences in the Sultanate.

  5. Closing all tourist sites and prohibiting assembling in public areas, including assembling on beaches, in parks, wadis, mountains, sands, waterfalls and water springs.

  6. Closing all shops in all commercial complexes, malls and shopping outlets, except the ones providing foodstuff, consumer items, clinics, pharmacies and optics outlets.

  7. Closing traditional souqs and market places like the souqs of Muttrah, Nizwa, A'Rustaq and Sinaw, besides suspending all popular weekly markets (fairs) like Wednesday Souq, Thursday Souq and Friday Souq.

  8. Prohibiting serving food at restaurants, cafes and cafeterias, including the ones located in hotels, with the exception of take-away orders.

  9. Closing all sport and cultural clubs.

  10. Closing all sport halls, sport courts, health clubs, barber shops and beauty salons for men and women.

The Supreme Committee has reiterated its call upon all to observe the necessity of total commitment to decisions and recommendations undertaken in this regard in serving the public interest.

The decisions continue to take effect until further notice.