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GCC Undersecretaries Meets to Discuss COVID-19 Developments

GCC Undersecretaries Meets to Discuss COVID-19 Developments

GCC Undersecretaries Meets to Discuss COVID-19 Developments


The Undersecretaries of the Ministries of Health of the GCC states convened on Saturday their second meeting to discuss the developments of Coronavirus (COVID-19) via a video conference.

The meeting reviewed the minutes of the first meeting, which was held last Monday, along with highlighting the daily report and suggestions.

Exchanging experiences between the GCC states that reduce the spread of the disease, prevention and control methods have been discussed during the meeting.

Furthermore, the meeting touched upon the future procedures such as examining process and tracking the arrivals through the points of entry, home isolation report, health quarantine management, drafting the health awareness messages to be podcasting for various members of society.

The GCC Undersecretaries praised the significant efforts exerted by the staff working in the health sector and their contribution in tackling COVID-19, as well as the cooperation of the citizens along with the official and civil authorities in these exceptional circumstances.

In addition, the undersecretaries urge all GCC citizens and residents to implement the infection control standards, avoid attending the gatherings as possible and adhere to the preventive safety measures followed in such cases. They also stressed the importance of taking the information from official sources and to not pay attention to rumors and unofficial social media channels. As well as to co-operating with all developments to ensure the safety of the GCC citizens and residents and enjoying the highest levels of health.

The GCC health Undersecretaries agreed to meet again to discuss the medical check-ups process, the readiness of the GCC states to eliminate this disease and following-up the decisions that have been made during the previous period.