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Blood Banks Services Efforts amid Current Pandemic

Blood Banks Services Efforts amid Current Pandemic

Blood Banks Services Efforts amid Current Pandemic


The Department of Blood Banks Services of the Ministry of Health continues to intensify its call for blood donation to reinforce the community responsibility and emphasize the vigorous role of the individual in supporting the institution in serving society amid the urgent circumstances that are affecting the globe because of the rapid spread of Corona virus (COVID-19).

The blood donation campaigns aims at raising awareness on the significant of this noble deed which may save lives of the injured, patients, or those who are undergoing  surgery where they  may need blood urgently. Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus and as per the recommendations of the Supreme Committee concerned with dealing with this pandemic, number of blood donation campaigns have been cancelled in some of authorities and educational institutions. This will undoubtedly affect the number of donors, as these campaigns are the main provider on which the blood bank service depends heavily, where the combined blood units in the donation campaigns reach 48%.

Hence, in order to avoid any decrease in blood unit stocks, the department coordinated with a number of military and voluntary teams to conduct urgent campaigns with determined number of donors in each time bearing in mind the Supreme Committee’s decisions on this regard.

The blood banks are distributed across the Sultanate governorates at their respective referral hospitals, along with the Central Blood Bank in Bousher, which receives blood donors throughout the week.

In order to ensure public safety, the Ministry of Health has noted the importance of following the procedures of the blood donation campaign in accordance with the health protection’s requirements and measures recommended by the Supreme Committee for combating the Corona Virus (COVID19). The Department of Blood Bank Services has also taken several precautionary measures to ensure that the virus does not transmit as banning arrivals from donating blood for 28 days (after return), as well as preventing blood donating for 28 days for persons who contacted the infected, and for 3 months (after recovery) for  the infected himself.

In addition, the Department is stressing the warning throughout the social media for the prohibited cases mentioned and all those who have the symptoms of fever or respiratory infection to avoid visiting blood banks or blood donation campaigns during this period.

Maintaining an adequate blood supply is essential to ensure a maximum response to urgent situations that require rapid blood transfusions without waiting or seeking immediate donors to save emergency cases.