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Health Minister Discusses Personnel Ideas at Health Innovation Forum

Health Minister Discusses Personnel Ideas at Health Innovation Forum

Health Minister Discusses Personnel Ideas at Health Innovation Forum


The first panel of the Health Innovation Forum, in which the Minister of Health H.E. Dr. Hilal Ali Al Sabti is meeting the health personnel, convened today (Sunday) at the Oman Medical Specialties Board (OMSB).

The forum springs from the belief of the Ministry of Health’s leadership in activating the role of the direct dialogue and the communication unconditioned with the management hierarchy and the differences imposed by the posts levels. Accordingly, the leadership considers that it is essential to develop meaningful periodic meetings with all MOH staff of all categories and levels to open broader horizons of professional responsibility in addition to creating new possibilities for discussions that generate innovative ideas and solutions for developing the health system particularity with regard to enhancing services in the health sector in order to serve the county and its people.

The three-day Forum, carried out by the Ministry of Health, provides meeting and convergence points and serves as a mean for direct communication between the leadership and the cadres working in the health sector. The event is further created to be a catalyst for professional responsibility and affiliation, and to promote new possibilities for discussions that generate innovative applicable and implementable ideas for the upcoming period forward reaching positive transformation targeting the advancement of health sector. 

His Excellency the Health Minister urged the participants to make strenuous efforts to strengthen the integration value among various institutions that serve the health sector, also put an emphasis on education, training, and development of human resource being a fundamental part in the development process in all sectors.

H.E. Dr. Al Sabti pointed out that the notion of the forum was based on his conviction in the necessity of working under an encouraging convergent atmosphere, affirming that, even if no new ideas have been reached, the utmost target of the meeting is fulfilled.  It is highlighted in reinforcing efforts and engaging health personnel in suggesting positive changes and in the development of health system in order to promote health, he clarified.

The health minister added that the progress of the institutions is inextricably linked with joining forces and approaching workers’ efforts and promoting them. They are further advanced with the effectiveness of their staff and creative and developmental ideas. “The forum is held to stress the significance of innovative thinking and its role in problem solving. Through our deliberations and dialogues, we could come out with what would enable us to confront challenges and consider all their aspects. Moreover, the forum may shape for us new paths and horizons to implement what would promote and stimulate the work of the health ministry”, Al Sabti stated.  

He continued, “We all recognize that the general interest for the health sector is realized through participation, bringing creative ideas, and working on developing them and aligning them with the available and even the unavailable potentials in order to upgrade the health system in the Sultanate of Oman”.

The forum was commenced by the organizing committee address delivered by its Head Dr. Yousef Al Washahi, followed by Health Minister welcoming note.

The first day of the Forum reviewed and discussed more than thirty various initiatives of number of technical, administrative and supportive health categories. These initiatives have reflected participants’ keenness to submit ideas that contribute in the development of the health services in the country. They emphasize further the spirit of teamwork of the people of Oman.

The first day concluded by an open discussion addressing several aspects. The Health Minister expressed at the end his pride of the submitted initiatives asserting that the meeting, by enabling face-to-face interaction with the health sector workers, was very productive.     

Notably, the Health Innovation Forum is a platform for discussion and debate between health staff with innovative ideas to show and discuss their proposals on work and health services development directly with the minister of health. It targets the medical, allied medical, technical, administrative, and supportive authorities in the health sector.