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MOH Holds Congenital Hyperthyroidism in Newborns Workshop

MOH Holds Congenital Hyperthyroidism in Newborns Workshop

MOH Holds Congenital Hyperthyroidism in Newborns Workshop


The Woman and Child Health at the Ministry of Health organized today (Thursday) a virtual workshop on the updated National Guide for congenital hyperthyroidism in newborns screening.

The workshop, run by lecturers from MOH and Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, was attended by more than (200) participants from public and private health institutions.

The workshop covered a spectrum of topics touching upon the updated congenital hyperthyroidism screening guide, and the disease’s features and characteristics, in addition to the screening protocol, the clinical assessment, and treatment. Moreover, the workshop addressed key diagnostic tools such as laboratory tests and x-rays, along with means of following up results and managing data.

The virtual workshop recommended at the end to follow the MOH adopted protocol and to report any confirmed cases in order to ensure receiving the necessary medical care. The workshop also highlighted the significance of polling private sector’s efforts in this field as it has a far-reaching impact on the mental and physical development of children.

It should be noted that the MOH launched the national program for congenital hyperthyroidism in newborns screening in 2005. The program has been highly successful with 100% coverage rate in 2019.

The procedure involves taking a blood sample from the umbilical cord of the child immediately after birth. If the result is higher than the normal rate, a sample of the child's blood is taken for confirmation and the child will be followed up and given the appropriate treatment.

The thyroid is one of the endocrine glands responsible for the secretion of the thyroxine, which plays an important role in the normal development of children. The thyroid hormone deficiency symptoms in infants include growth failure and intellectual disabilities if it is not detected in a timely manner.