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Central Blood Bank Praises Increasing Number of Blood Donors

Central Blood Bank Praises Increasing Number of Blood Donors

Central Blood Bank Praises Increasing Number of Blood Donors


The Blood Donation Services Department statistics in the Ministry of Health (MOH) indicated that the collected blood units in the Central Blood Bank in Bousher increased by 21% in 2022 compared to 2021. The percentage of Omani blood donors researched 77%, and voluntary blood donation reached 97%, while the new blood donors stood at 49% for the first time.

The statistics revealed that the Central Blood Bank collected 39712 blood units and 2381 units through donating blood components in 2022. More than 78000 of various components were distributed to the MOH health institutions, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Cancer Care and Research Center, Armed Forces Hospital, Royal Oman Police Hospital and private health institutions.

Dr. Zainab Al-Arimi, Director of Blood Bank Services, praised the role of the blood donors and the cooperation of various authorities and donors with the Central Blood Bank. She added that the increasing number of blood donations is due to community awareness of the importance of blood donation, as well as the media bodies in conveying this humanitarian message.

Furthermore, Al-Arimi pointed out that the daily demand for blood units and components is steadily rising, as the Central Blood Bank received from 140 to 160 blood units. The Central Blood Bank experienced a decrease in the stock of some blood groups and components due to the limited number of donors in some times of 2022.

Dr. Zainab Al-Arimi stressed the necessity to continue to donate blood and its components to maintain a safe stock of blood units in order to meet the growing needs with the expansion of health services in the Sultanate of Oman.     

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