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MOH Organizes 1st Annual Change Management Meeting

MOH Organizes 1st Annual Change Management Meeting

MOH Organizes 1st Annual Change Management Meeting


The Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by the Change Management Team in the Government Digital Transformation Project, organized Today (Wednesday) the "First Annual Forum for Change Management" at Intercity Hotel.

The Forum was held under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Fatma Muhammad Al-Ajmi, MOH Undersecretary for Administrative, Financial, and Planning Affairs, with the presence of the central directors general, directors general of health services in the governorates, directors of hospitals along with a number of government authorities.

Dr. Sheikha Al-Hajri, Senior Nursing Specialist, pointed out that the Ministry of Health is one of the ministries that started early the implementation of digital government through a number of electronic systems for the provision of health care in the health institutions through automating some services associated with a number of government and private sectors, to raise the customer service indicator, accelerate all related operations, and achieve the recipient's satisfaction.

As part of the innovation system and change management, Dr. Sheikha Al-Hajri added that the Ministry is interacting with the Ministry of Labor to implement a number of announced initiatives, such as the Change Management initiative, the experience of Petroleum Development Oman, to enable the evolution in changing methodology in programs and projects.

The forum aimed to exchange experiences between government authorities in implementing change management in strategic initiatives and projects, highlighting the importance of institutional change management, the role of change management in digital government transformation, identifying change models and tools, and the importance of leadership role in supporting institutional change.

The Forum discussed a number of topics, including the leading change, importance of change management for the Ministry of Health, evolution in change, change management and its impact on the success of the government digital transformation program, user experience and its role in raising performance, the change management plan for the digital transformation project in the Ministry of Education, the course of change management in applying quality management system, building projects and change management, and change management in human resources.