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MOH & ONA Organize Nursing Event

MOH & ONA Organize Nursing Event

MOH & ONA Organize Nursing Event


The Ministry of Health, represented by the Directorate General of Nursing Affairs in collaboration with the Omani Nursing Association (ONA), organized today (Tuesday) an event entitled “Nursing Empowerment and Upgrading” at the Ministry Headquarters in the presence of a large number of Ministry employees.

The event aimed to spread awareness about most injuries that harm the individual and how to treat or avoid them.

The event highlighted several issues, including First Aid during Ramadan (Burns, Fainting, Wounds), Diseases faced by the fasting person during Ramadan(Health Diet), Rescue Patients with Heart Attacks, Special Aid in Cases of Drowning, Special Aid and Traffic Accidents, A Message to Parents about Road Accidents, Important Office Exercise, Improve Your Life by Improving Your Health and Scientific research.

It is worth mentioning that nurses play an important role in promoting health and well-being within their communities. While spreading awareness about the month of Ramadan is not a specific part of the job description, but rather their great interest in supporting the community to a healthy culture, nursing can organize events or programs that promote cultural awareness and celebrate diversity through various activities such as work events that contribute to improving health outcomes and increasing Trust between health care providers and those who provide them with the service.